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K. N. College established in 1853 at Berhampore, West Bengal, is very much well known for her contribution to Indian struggle for freedom in many ways. The name of college is associated with the name of her ex - student Sahid Surya Sen, generally known as 'Masterda' in West Bengal who liberated Chittaganj District now in Bangladesh from British Raj for several days - Ultimately in the encounter with British Army at Jalalabad he was seriously injured from bullet injury. Later on he was hanged to death by British Raj. Thus he became Immortal Martyr for the Freedom of the Nation. He is still now the inspiration and remembered in whole Bengal as one of the pioneers who have sacrificed their lives for the liberation of the Nation. We are proud of the Great Son of Bengal. From 1905 onwards many of our students have sacrificed their lives for Freedom of the Nation. The college acted as Centre of Bengal Terrorists Movement which as nurtured by the famous Principal Prof. KM. Wheeler. Prof Mohini Mohan Ray was a great well wisher of the Anusilan Samity, an organ of the Revolutionary and Prof. Provas Dey was a member of the secret party organ established by Sri Arabinda. Prof. Provas Dey, Prof. Joges Chandra Nag, Prof. Surendra Chandra Nag are some notable names of the Revolutionaries who sacrificed a lot for the sake of Freedom the Country. Name of the students who have participated in the struggle for Freedom are many. Infact hundreds of students were arrested and tortured by the Police Raj and some of them have become martyrs for the country. To name a few I am giving a short list of Revolutionaries viz Dr. Soumenn Mukherjee, Pramatha Ray, Amulya Ganguly, Rudra Narayan Roy, Sarabindu Roy, Baroda Majumdar, Jogen De Sarkar, Anirban Ray, Souipada Chattapadhyay, Srish Guha, Nikhil Guha Ray, Kedar Sanyal, Bhupen Sen, Jiten Lahiri, Mahendra Sanyal, Atul Ghosh, Nitish Sarbadhikari, Gouri Sarkar, Supati Nag, Satish Chandra Chakraborti, Rajen Pal, Sabitri Chatterjee, Nripen Nag, Panie Dube, Haren Bhattacharya, Chinmoham Singh, Promoda Sarkar, Charu Chatterjee etc.

Infact K.N. College was a centre of Revolutionaries of Rajshahi, Bagura, Balurghat, Dinajpur and Nowgan (Most of them are now part of Bangladesh).

Krishnath College has become synonymous with the name of Sahid Surya Sen and Sahid Nalini Bagchi who still inspired the Youths of West Bengal through their devotion to the motherland Still every year whole Bengal remember their name with great respect. For hundreds years, the college acted as pioneer not only for breaking the chain of slavery but also to establish a new social system of the country.

This college played a significant role in India's struggle for freedom particularly under the competent stewardship of the nationalist Principal KM. Wheeler. The college played a glorious role in spreading the revolutionary ideas among the people of several districts by making and effective coordination among different extremist organisations such as Jugantar" and "Anusilan Samity". The freedom movement of India should ever remember with gratitude that such great revolutionaries of Bengal as Surya Sen, Nalini Bagchi, Atul Sen, Jiten Lahiri. Nirmal Guha Roy and Jogen Dey were all initiated into the death defying "Matri Mantra" (the fiery hymn of the revolution) on the campus of Krishnath College. On the (^ August 1925 Mahatma Gandhi visited the college and addressed to the staff and students fanning the fire of patriotism. Subhas Chandra Bose and Shyama Prasad Mukherjee also visited the college.

In 1947 when a large number of refugee students rushed for admission into this college in the wake of the partition of Bengal, The college out of a sense of national solidarity and cohesion made special arrangement for providing accommodation for them.

Since its inception the college has evinced active interest in promoting women's education and in 1939 a special Women Section was opened in view of the admission of a large number of Girl students in the college. In the remote days of the mid 2tf century it was no small wonder that the village women of this district received higher education under the loving care of this mother when their sisters in other parts of this province were languishing under a deprivation. Inspite of a full fledged women's college here in this town this age old Institution has been unflaggingly maintaining its coeducational structure. The fair mother can not be unfair to her fair sex children. This is why in I960 when Radhakrishnan came to this college to inaugurate its centenary Physical Block, he spoke highly of the college's pioneer role in spreading education in the vast tract of land.

In fact, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and Mahatma Gandhi visited this college to pay tribute to these Martyrs, perhaps you will not find many colleges who have contributed to the Nation's Freedom in such a big way.

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